The Hunting Community Needs You!

On Friday, September 11, 2020 the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission will take a vote on a proposal to outlaw “hunting” contests, which in reality is a vote to eliminate coyote contests. Both the Hunters Heritage Council and Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation are 100% against this proposal and have sent in testimony against it.

The animal-rights groups groups have sounded the battle cry and have flooded the last Commission meeting meeting with testimony in favor of flawed and dangerous proposal. It’s our turn to to be loud. WWC is strength through unity, an united sportsmen’s voice. We are sounding the alarm and asking everyone to sign up to testify, or to send their testimony in. Here is a fact sheet with plenty of information to build your testimony Coyote Contest Fact Sheet

The Commission meeting starts at 8:00 on Friday and the proposal will be heard at 10:30 AM. If you want to testify it is via Zoom and you have to register. To register, click on the Commission agenda September Commission Agenda

If you want to send your testimony via email, there are three swing Commissioners, Jim Anderson, Don McIsaac, and Molly Linville. Their email addresses are below:
Jim Anderson
Molly Linville
Don McIsaac

It is crucial that we beat this short-sighted proposal. Thank you for your support of Washingtonians for Wildlife Conservation!

Mark Pidgeon
President of Washingtonians For Wildlife Conservation

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