Pittman-Robertson Act Repealed?

“A Republican Representative from Georgia (yes, you read that right), has called the 85-year-old Pittman-Robertson Act “an attack on Second Amendment rights.” Taxes right?! Gotta be bad, we pay enough taxes, to hell with this act. But not so fast, there’s more to this story than the headline will lead you to believe.”

“The act provides funding for the selection, restoration, and improvement of wildlife habitat and for wildlife management research. The act was amended in 1970 to include funding for hunter education programs and for the development and operation of public target ranges.”

“Now, if you read all that, you have to be thinking, “What part is a direct attack on our second amendment right?” If you can’t find one, that’s because there isn’t one. Look, I know the gun culture loves to point at the left and usually rightfully so, but this is pure lunacy from the right.”

Eastmans Blog – Adam Bender
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