Conservation Force: End of Year Report 2020

Dear Supporter,

This end-of-the-year report is different. Instead of a bullet list of successes and pending issues, we highlight a few of the developments that warrant better understanding. You already know that our services are real. Also, you have had the benefit of three Quarterly Reports in 2020. Moreover, we do far more than can be adequately covered in a five page summary list of achievements. This end of the year format should be more interesting and informative. Read about the relevance of the incredibly important Alligator suits in California, the surprising benefits arising from the Pandemic and why and how trophy import permitting is broken. There is plenty of good news and Conservation Force is playing an important role, but this trial format is aimed at putting you in the know and will be less duplicative of the quarterly reports.

December 14, 2020
John J. Jackson, III
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